Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Our friends at Museums, NUS Centre for the Arts dropped by and told us more about the Tan Cheng Lock Baba House Museum.

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BABA HOUSE MUSEUM: Applauded at the Peranakan Festival.

Come September 2006, walk back in time with Museums, NUS Centre for the Arts to the era of babas and bibiks. Experience authentic Peranakan culture in perhaps the last remaining Peranakan house in Singapore.

Exhibitions and events held at the Baba House Museum will showcase fascinating aspects of Peranakan heritage that are best captured in its eclectic mix of artifacts, signature decorative ornaments, Peranakan cuisine, social customs and lifestyle in a living context. Listen to Peranakan stories and songs while enjoying ayam buah keluak, kueh kueh and rojak. View artefacts such as the beautifully restored wedding bed and ancestral altar table.

Stay tuned for more developments.


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