Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Fairy Tale World of Hans Christian Andersen

We heard rave reviews from our friends with kids about this exhibition and hurried to catch
The Fairy Tale World of Hans Christian Andersen at the Singapore Philatelic Museum before it closes on 14 October 2005.

The seemingly small gallery which houses this exhibiton belies the wealth of information this gem of an exhibition offers!

We were charmed by the beautiful presentation of his famous tales.

Full length panels accompanied with lively illustrations flesh out his stories really well.

An assortment of H.C. Andersen commemorative stamps.

Collectors assemble! There's an exclusive series of his stamps available at SPM.

A little reading corner with his best-loved stories keeps the little ones occupied.

There's even
Lego bricks for them to play with!

H.C. Andersen's quirky corner...

This heartrending poem was written when he was 21, during an unhappy period. It was his observation of the high child mortality rate during this period and is testement to his ability to approach this subject from a child's perspective.

We felt these verses were exceptionally poignant.

The final exhibit is a
Lego model of the Ugly Duckling, a fitting tribute from his countrymen to one of his most loved tales.

At first glance, this exhibition might be classified under the 'One for the Kids' dossier, but the meandering emotional ride of joy, sadness, laughter and madness prove otherwise. We're sure glad we caught it before it ended.


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Heard news its been extended till the end of this year

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